About Us


Pennzoil began as the South Penn Oil Company in 1889, an oil was first discovered in Bedford, Pennsylvania, in the US. It was the name of this company that inspired “Pennzoil”, a brand of motor oil. In 1916, “Pennzoil” selling motor oil. Currently, Pennzoil products are available in 70 countries around the world.


Pennzoil as a company took its form in 1963, as result of a merger between South Penn Oil Company, STETCO Petroleum Corporation and Zapala Offshore Oil Company. As Early as the end of 1960s, Pennzoil has built a presence in Malaysia through UMW, a leading local automotive.


Today, Pennzoil product are marketed exclusively by UMW Pennzoil Distributors Sdn. Bhd. through a comprehensive nationwide network of authorised dealers.


UMW is a leading industrial enterprise with diverse and global interests in the automotive, equipment, manufacturing and engineering, and oil and gas industries. The UMW Group has expanded beyond Malaysian shores, with an international presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Taiwan, China, India, Oman and Turkimenistan.


Our 13,000 employees worldwide are united under a common goal of going Beyond Boundaries®. We stand tall as one of Malaysia’s foremost public-listed companies, whilst continuously building on the strengths of our core businesses to tap opportunities in the international arena.


The company founded in 1917, has grown into a multi-national conglomerate with over 13,000 employees covering 13 countries. We inspire vibrant ideas, nurture potential, pioneer partnerships and deliver excellence in everything we do; the rewards of which contribute to the progress and well-being of all our stakeholders.