Pennzoil Long-Life® Diesel SAE 10W Motor Oil provides premium quality service in both diesel and gasoline engines, and are specially formulated for heavy-duty diesel engines operating both on-and offhighways. The anti-wear agents used in this product range provide excellent protection against metal to metal contact, minimizing engine wear and effectively extending engine life. The high thermal stability provides outstanding high temperature protection.

Pennzoil Long-Life® SAE 10W Motor Oil contains the latest development in dispersant technology to resist oil thickening caused by this soot. The dispersant minimizes sludge formation and effectively keeps particles in suspension to extend filter life.



Pennzoil Long-Life® Diesel SAE 10W Motor Oil is recommended for both on and off-road heavy duty applications that require up to API CF-4 Service level, especially older engines. Pennzoil Long-Life® SAE 10W Motor Oil is also suitable for use in hydraulic systems of heavy construction equipment. Always refer to the vehicle’s owner manual for the correct viscosity choice.



  • Helps extend engine life
  • Single line of motor oil for mixed fleets
  • Minimizes piston and combustion chamber deposit
  • Fights sludge and varnish
  • Effectively neutralizes acids to help keep corrosive wear to a minimum
  • Contains anti-wear and anti-scuff agents



  • API CF-4/SG