SAE 80W-90 (LSD) Multi Purpose Gear Oil


Pennzoil SAE 80W-90 (LSD) Multi-Purpose Gear Oil is manufactured from highly refined base oils and field-proven performance additives. These gear oil offers excellent chemical and thermal stability over a wide temperature range and optimum protection against wear and shock loads in transmission and axles.

Pennzoil SAE 80W-90 (LSD) Multi-Purpose Gear Oil is fortified with additives to prevent rust and corrosion. It is blended with anti-foam to prevent wear that caused by lubricant foaming and aeration. It is compatible with seals and gaskets in automotive and truck components.



Pennzoil SAE 80W-90 (LSD) Multi-Purpose Gear Oil is recommended for use in differentials and manual transmission. It can be used in the equipment that requires API GL-5; for hypoid gears in passenger cars and light duty trucks as well as heavy duty trucks operating under high speed / shock load, high speed / low torque and low speed / high torque conditions. It should be noted that proper drain intervals are critical for such severe operating conditions.



  • Proven gear protection in low and high speed conditions.
  • EASIER low-temperature start-up.
  • Excellent performance in severe operating conditions.



  • API GL-5
  • MIL-L-2105D