Pennzoil Super Maxol® Gear Oils are designed for enclosed gear sets operating under severe service conditions in industrial environments. Pennzoil Super Maxol® Gear Oils offers exceptional water separating properties, allowing for easy removal of water from the bottom of systems, without excessive draining of oil in the form of an emulsion. This is especially important in mining, steel processing and other industries where water contamination can be a regular occurrence.

Pennzoil Super Maxol® Gear Oils are formulated with the latest additive technology for optimum
thermal and oxidative stability for a long service life. Effective inhibitors in Pennzoil Super Maxol® Gear
Oils also work to prevent rust and corrosion on metal parts. Synergistic blends of foam inhibitors
reduce air entrainment and foaming which can be a problem in high speed gear reducers.


Pennzoil Super Maxol® Gear Oils are particularly effective under extreme and shock loads condition. Recommended for spur, herringbone, hypoid, bevel and planetary enclosed gear sets to provide maximum gear tooth protection. They are also recommended where exceptional water separation is

Pennzoil Super Maxol® Gear Oils are effective lubricants for plain and rolling contact (anti-friction) bearings commonly found in enclosed gear reducers. This oil is also suitable for circulating lubrication systems found in the larger industrial plants. Pennzoil Super Maxol® Gear Oils are available in a variety of viscosity grades to accommodate a wide applications.


  • Excellent oxidation and thermal stability characteristic
  • Exceptional demulsibility
  • Provides outstanding wear protection even under heavy and shock loads
  • Reduces galling, scuffing and welding of gear teeth
  • Excellent clean gear performance
  • Provides effective bearing protection


  • AGMA 9005-E02
  • DIN 51517 Part 3
  • ISO 12925-1 CKC/CKD
  • US Steel 224